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Hacktoberfest 2019

· 4 min read

This year we're again participating in Hacktoberfest. Hacktoberfest is a worldwide event to celebrate open source. If you make four pull request in the month of October, you'll get a free Hacktoberfest t-shirt.

Home Assistant is currently racing towards our magical 1.0 release. Home Assistant 1.0 is all about user friendliness. As part of this, we have recently introduced device automations and are expanding how scenes work in Home Assistant.

Home Assistant supports a wide range of products, and so not each feature that we built supports each product type yet. For this Hacktoberfest, we've prepared issues to help integrations use the latest Home Assistant features.

To make it easier to get started, we have introduced a new scaffolding script. This script is able to create all the boilerplate necessary to add new features to existing entity integrations. Including tests! You will only need to focus on code to work with the specific integration. Instructions on how to use it are included in each issue linked below.

If you want to see all available issues instead of the tailored list below, check here (requires being logged in to GitHub).

Update Sep 30: Added docs section, updated the links in the Almond section, added link to all Home Assistant Hacktoberfest issues.

Update Okt 1: Added frontend section.


Scenes allow a user to define how a light should look (ie, it should be on and the color should be blue). When a scene is activated, it is then up to Home Assistant to figure out which services to call to make this happen.

Scenes are a powerful tool that is easy to understand for users. It's therefore important that we improve our scene support. We have prepared the following issues:

Device Automations

Device Automations are a device-oriented way for users to create automations. When defining a trigger, condition or an action part of an automation, the user will start by picking a device to see a list of possible options for that device. Easy!

Device automations rely on integrations to define the possible options for each device. As this is a new technology, we still are looking for help in making all our entity integrations (light, switch etc) support this. We have prepared the following issues:

Home Assistant Documentation

Guess what is never done? Documentation.


We also have some work to do on the Frontend of Home Assistant. So we have also prepared some issues to get you started:

Bonus: Almond - Virtual Assistant

Almond is an open, privacy-preserving virtual assistant by Stanford University. We have been collaborating on getting it to work with Home Assistant. Right now it's limited to controlling lights in Home Assistant.

For Hacktoberfest, let's see if we can expand the number of supported types! To get started, check the following links: