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Astral upgraded to version 2.2

· One min read

We recently merged a pull request to upgrade the astral library version used in Home Assistant Core to version 2.2. This will be released with Home Assistant 2021.5. This is a major version bump of Astral which includes some breaking changes, this caused us to update our built-in helpers and integrations that depend on astral. This has resulted in a couple of breaking changes to our sun helpers.

Custom integration authors that are maintaining integrations that use the sun helpers or the astral library directly, should review the breaking changes and update their custom integrations if needed.

The sun helper has changed its signature for get_astral_location and get_location_astral_event_next to include an elevation parameter. Also the return value of get_astral_location has changed to a tuple including elevation.

@callback@bind_hassdef get_astral_location(    hass: HomeAssistant,) -> tuple[astral.location.Location, astral.Elevation]:    """Get an astral location for the current Home Assistant configuration."""
@callbackdef get_location_astral_event_next(    location: astral.Location,    location: astral.location.Location,    elevation: astral.Elevation,    event: str,    utc_point_in_time: datetime.datetime | None = None,    offset: datetime.timedelta | None = None,) -> datetime.datetime:    """Calculate the next specified solar event."""

Please see the changelog of astral for further details.