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Upgrade to Lit 2.0

· 2 min read

We upgraded our frontend to use Lit 2.0, this is a major bump of both LitElement (3.0) and lit-html (2.0) that will now go further under the name Lit together.

This upgrade comes with a ton of great improvements, but also with some breaking changes.

If you have developed a custom card or view, and are using LitElement and lit-html from our components, your component will be using Lit 2.0 in the next release (2021.6). If you don't know if you are using LitElement from our components, your code will look something like this:

const LitElement = Object.getPrototypeOf(customElements.get("ha-panel-lovelace"));
const html = LitElement.prototype.html;
const css = LitElement.prototype.css;

This is not a recommended practice, we advise you to bundle Lit into your component, or import it from or another source like in this example. This way your card is not depending on the Lit version that is shipped with Home Assistant.

One of the things that changed, is that the creation of the shadowRoot is no longer done in the constructor, but just before the first update. This means that if you directly interact with the DOM, like with a query selector, you can no longer assume shadowRoot will always be available.

For all the changes check the upgrade guide in the Lit documentation.

We expect most of the cards to work without issues with Lit 2.0, but ask custom card developers to ensure compatibility. You can do this using the current dev version of Home Assistant or by using a nightly version of Home Assistant, both currently use Lit 2.0.