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Store is now a Generic class

· One min read

As of Home Assistant Core 2022.8, a Store (from homeassistant/helpers/ is defined as a Generic Store(Generic[_T]). It is recommended that the type of data being stored be defined in the Store definition. It should be JSON-serialisable (dict or list), for example:

  • Standard definition using a dict: self._store = Store[dict[str, int]](hass, STORAGE_VERSION, STORAGE_KEY)
  • Using a TypedDict: self._store = Store[EnergyPreferences](hass, STORAGE_VERSION, STORAGE_KEY)
  • Accessing an existing Store: store: Store[dict[str, Any]] =[DOMAIN][DATA_STORE]
  • Inherited Store: class MyCustomStorage(Store[list[int]]):

For more information about generics, see PEP 483