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New sensor device classes

· One min read

Several new sensor device classes have been added:

  • distance, a distance measured in either of cm, ft, in, km, m, mi, mm, yd

  • speed, a speed measured in either of ft/s, in/d, in/h, km/h, kn, m/s, mm/d, mph

  • volume, a volume measured in either of fl. oz., ft³, gal, L, mL,

  • weight, a mass measured in either of g, kg, lb, mg, oz, µg

    Like pressure and temperatures sensors, users can freely choose the display unit from the UI for sensors using any of the new device classes.

Long term statistics

Long term statistics will store distance as m, speed as m/s, volume as and weight as g. For existing sensors which are modified to one of the new device classes, statistics will continue to be recorded in the sensor's state_unit but users will be given the option to have existing statistics converted to the normalized unit.