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Translation files removed from Core repository

· 2 min read

We have removed all translation files from the Home Assistant Core repository and put in place a helper script to compile English translations from the translation strings files (strings.json) for development purposes.

Previously, all translation files (including all languages) were part of the Home Assistant Core repository. Every night we would update the translations by downloading them from Lokalise and committing them into the Core repository.

Instead, we have moved this process @ build time. We now download the latest translations from Lokalise when we ship a new release (including betas & nightly builds).

This approach comes with some benefits:

  • We no longer have to commit translation files into the Core repository. This means as a developer, this is also no longer a confusing burden.
  • People will no longer (incorrectly) try to contribute language translations via GitHub.
  • Each release, including patch, beta, and nightly versions, will now also have the latest translations.

Local development

For local development, we have our translations development helper script. This always has been in place already, except now, it can compile the English translations for all integrations at once.

python3 -m script.translations develop --all

This script is automatically run when a dev environment is set up, and each time you run running Home Assistant in your VSCode (as a pre-launch task).