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Calendar best practices

· One min read

Home Assistant has improved best practices for Calendar entities to ensure that calendar triggers/automations and the UI work correctly in all cases.

In particular, there are now more documented expectations and enforcement of invariants including:

  • A CalendarEvent property end is exclusive. e.g. An all day event that lasts one day should have an end date with 1 day after the start date.
  • A CalendarEvent can accept a datetime in any timezone. Floating dates without a timezone are not allowed.
  • The CalendarEvent invariants are now enforced when created.
  • Events returned by async_get_events are expected to be returned in order.
  • All Day events returned by async_get_events must be evaluated in the Home Assistant local timezone. That is, an all day event should be ordered as if it starts at midnight in the local time.

The Calendar Entity developer documentation has been updated with additional detail.