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New limits for Supervisor Add-ons

· One min read

With Home Assistant OS 10, we update to the latest Docker release 23.0. With the new Docker version the maximum number of open file descriptors for add-ons changed to infinity (sort of).

If you are an add-on developer and experience out-of-memory issues on Home Assistant OS 10, you can apply the old limit by using ulimit -n 1048576 before starting your service.

Background: During Home Assistant OS release candidate phase, the higher limit turned out to be problematic for several add-ons (Node-RED, Network UPS Tools, and the EMQX MQTT broker, see Home Assistant OS issue #2438). In all cases, the problems manifested as an out-of-memory error, where it worked on the same hardware as the previous Home Assistant OS release. Also in all three cases, memory got allocated dynamically depending on the number of open file descriptors allowed (which can be determined via prlimit64 syscall, which returns a limit of 1073741816).

We considered returning to the old limit; however, according to the change in the Docker (moby) repository using infinity as a limit has less overhead. Therefore we decided to stick with the new default.