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The naming of MQTT entities changes to correspond with HA guidelines

· One min read

The way MQTT entities are named and how device configuration can be shared between discovered entities has changed

Sharing of device configuration

Discovered MQTT entities can share device configuration, meaning one entity can include the full device configuration and other entities can link to that device by only setting mandatory fields. The mandatory fields were previously limited to at least one of connection and identifiers, but has now been extended to at least one of connection and identifiers as well as the name.

Naming of MQTT entities

Naming of MQTT entities has been changed to be aligned with the entity naming guidelines:

  • The has_entity_name entity will be set to True on all MQTT entities
  • Unnamed binary_sensor, button, number and sensor entities will now be named by their device class instead of being named `MQTT binary sensor" etc.
  • It's now allowed to set an MQTT entity's name to None to mark it as the main feature of a device