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Changes to EntityDescription data classes

· One min read

The EntityDescription classes have changed; derived dataclasses should now set frozen=True and kw_only=True.

Setting frozen to True makes the EntityDescription instances immutable, which means they cannot be accidentally updated after creation. Setting kw_only to True ensures the order of fields can be changed in the base class without breaking users.

During a deprecation period, which will end with HA Core 2025.1, it will still be possible to derive dataclasses not setting frozen=True or kw_only=True, but this will be logged, and the user will be asked to create an issue with the custom integration.

Once HA Core 2025.1 is released, it will no longer be possible to derive dataclasses without setting frozen=True or kw_only=True.

More details can be found in the core PR #105211.