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New entity features in Climate entity

· One min read

As of Home Assistant Core 2024.2 we have added two new flags into ClimateEntityFeature: TURN_ON, TURN_OFF.

Integrations implementing turn_on service call needs to set the TURN_ON feature flag. Integrations implementing turn_off service call needs to set the TURN_OFF feature flag.

There will be a 10 month deprecation period (2025.1) where ClimateEntity will set these on behalf of the integrations implementing the respective methods and from 2025.1 it will make integrations unable to use the respective methods if entity features has not been set accordingly.

Implementing the methods without setting the respective feature flag will create a warning log entry guiding the user to create an issue for the integration.

Integrations should set the attribute _enable_turn_on_off_backwards_compatibility in your ClimateEntity subclass instance to False once it has been migrated into using or not using the new feature flags. This will stop the automatic setting of the new feature flags during the deprecation period and can be removed once deprecation has ended.