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Altering config entries

· One min read

Starting from Home Assistant 2024.3, modifications to a ConfigEntry should use hass.config_entries.async_update_entry. Directly setting attributes on the ConfigEntry object is deprecated and will start to fail in version 2024.9 and later. There is no deprecation period for directly setting unique_id on the ConfigEntry as doing so will corrupt the internal state, and doing so will start to fail immediately.

The following attributes must now be set via hass.config_entries.async_update_entry:

  • data
  • minor_version
  • options
  • pref_disable_new_entities
  • pref_disable_polling
  • title
  • unique_id
  • version

Tests must ensure that MockConfigEntry objects are added to Home Assistant via entry.add_to_hass(hass) before calling hass.config_entries.async_update_entry.