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New notify entity platform

· One min read

New notify entity platform

The notify platform is now available as an entity platform. The MVP for the new notify platform implements the method and service send_message. It accepts message as a required attribute. Unlike the legacy notify.notify service we have no targets as argument, as it is an entity we can target multiple notify entities when calling send_message.

The architecture discussion is ongoing, and is about the device classes to implement and the implementation of recipient support in the form of contacts via a contact registry.

Existing integrations that implement the legacy notify services will be migrated in phases. The first step is to migrate the integrations than only use message as a parameter to notify.

The integrations identified for migration are:

  • circuit
  • clickatell
  • clicksend
  • command_line
  • demo
  • ecobee
  • flock
  • free_mobile
  • knx
  • mastodon

As soon as we have title and/or recipient support we can migrate more integrations to use the new platform.

When integrations are migrated, users will need to use the new notify.send_message service, so the migration changes will cause automations to break after the deprecation period is over.