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Replacing `async_track_state_change` with `async_track_state_change_event`

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async_track_state_change is deprecated and will be removed in Home Assistant 2025.5. async_track_state_change_event should be used instead.

async_track_state_change always creates a top-level listener for EVENT_STATE_CHANGED, which would have to reject all state changes that did not match the desired entities. This design presented a performance problem when there were many integrations using async_track_state_change. async_track_state_change has been phased out in core since the introduction of async_track_state_change_event, with the last instance being removed in 2024.5.

Example with async_track_state_change:

from homeassistant.core import State, callback
from homeassistant.helper.event import async_track_state_change

def _async_on_change(entity_id: str, old_state: State | None, new_state: State | None) -> None:

unsub = async_track_state_change(hass, "", _async_on_change)

Example replacement with async_track_state_change_event:

from homeassistant.core import Event, EventStateChangedData, callback
from homeassistant.helper.event import async_track_state_change_event

def _async_on_change(event: Event[EventStateChangedData]) -> None:
entity_id =["entity_id"]
old_state =["old_state"]
new_state =["new_state"]

unsub = async_track_state_change_event(hass, "", _async_on_change)