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These models are describing objects that are getting returned from the supervisor API.


namestringThe name of the add-on
slugstringThe slug for the add-on
advancedbooleantrue if it should only be visible to advanced users
descriptionstringThe description of the add-on
repositorystringThe repository the add-on came from
versionstring or nullThe installed version of the add-on
version_lateststringThe latest published version of the add-on
update_availablebooleantrue if an update is available
installedstringtrue if the the add-on is installed
availablebooleanfalse if you can not install the add-on
iconboolThe add-on has an icon file
logoboolThe add-on has a logo file
statestringThe state of the add-on (started, stopped)


namestringThe application name
indexintTODO: What is this?
stream_indexintTODO: What is this?
stream_typestringThe type of the stream (INPUT, OUTPUT)
volumefloatThe current volume
mutebooleantrue if the application is muted
addonstringThe add-on slug


cardlistA list of Card models
inputlistA list of Audio device models
outputlistA list of Output device models
applicationlistA list of Application models

Audio device

namestringThe name of the device
indexintTODO: What is this?
descriptionstringThe description of the device
volumefloatThe current volume
mutestringtrue if the device is muted
defaultstringtrue if the device is default
cardint or nullTODO: What is this?
applicationsstringA list of Application models

Audio profile

namestringThe name of the profile
descriptionstringThe description of the profile
activebooleantrue if the profile is active


namestringThe name of the card
indexintTODO: What is this?
driverstringThe name of the card driver
profileslistA list of Audio profile models


addonstringThe add-on slug
servicestringThe service name
uuidstringThe UUID of the discovery
configdictThe configuration

Host service

namestringThe service name
descriptionstringThe service description
statestringThe service state

Network interface

interfacestringThe interface name i.e eth0.
typestringThe interface type: ethernet, wireless or vlan.
enabledbooleanReturn True if the interface is enabled.
connectedbooleanReturn True if the interface is connected to the network.
primarybooleantrue if it's the primary network interface.
ipv4struct or nullAn IP config struct with IPv4 connection details.
ipv6struct or nullAn IP config struct with IPv6 connection details.
wifistruct or nullA Wifi config struct with wireless connection details.
vlanstruct or nullA Vlan config struct with details about the vlan.

IP configuration

methodstringThe method used to set the IP can be static, auto or disabled.
addresslistA list with IP address and the netmask in a X.X.X.X/XX format.
gatewaystringThe IP address of the gateway.
nameserverslistA list containing the IP addresses of the configured nameservers as strings.

Wifi configuration

modestringSet the mode infrastructure, mesh, adhoc or ap.
authstringSet the auth mode: open, web or wpa-psk.
ssidstringSet the SSID for the Wireless.
signalintegerPercentage of signal strength.

VLAN configuration

idintegerThe VLAN ID.
parentstringParent interface which is the vlan attached.


modestringOne of: infrastructure, mesh or adhoc.
ssidstringWireless network ID.
frequencyintegerThe operating frequency of this Access Point.
signalintegerPercentage of signal strength.
macstringMAC Address of the Access Point.


enablebooleantrue if it's enabled
iconstringThe sidebar icon
titlestringThe sidebar title
adminbooleantrue if it's for admin accounts only


slugstringThe repository slug
namestringThe name of the repository
sourcestringThe URL to the repository
urlstring or nullURL for repository website
maintainerstringThe name of the repository maintainer


slugstringThe service slug
availablebooleantrue if the service is available
providerslistA list of providers for the service


slugstringA generated slug for the backup
datestringISO date string representation of the date the backup was created
namestringThe name given to the backup
typestringThe type of backup (full, partial)
protectedbooleantrue if the backup is password protected
contentdictionaryA dictionary describing the content of the backup
compressedbooleantrue if the backup is saved in a compressed archive

Backup -> content

The content key of a backup object contains the following keys:

homeassistantbooleantrue if the backup contains homeassistant
addonslistA list of add-on slugs included in the backup
folderslistA list of folder names included in the backup

Backup details

slugstringA generated slug for the backup
typestringThe type of backup (full, partial)
namestringThe name given to the backup
datestringISO date string representation of the date the backup was created
sizestringThe size of the backup in MB
protectedbooleantrue if the backup is password protected
locationstring or nullThe name of the backup mount it's stored on. null if it's stored locally.
homeassistantstringThe version of Home Assistant that was in use
addonslistA list of add-ons in the backup. Add-ons are represented as a dictionary with these keys [slug,name,version,size]
repositorieslistA list of add-on repository URL's as strings
folderslistA list of strings representing directories
homeassistant_exclude_databasebooleantrue if the Home Assistant database file was excluded from this backup


cpu_percentfloatThe percentage of the CPU that is used
memory_usageintThe current memory usage in bytes
memory_limitintThe max allowed memory usage in bytes
memory_percentfloatThe percentage of the memory that is used
network_txintNetwork transmission usage
network_rxintNetwork receiver usage
blk_readintFile system read usage
blk_writeintFile system write usage


uuidstrA generated uuid as issue ID
typestrType of the issue
contextstrIn which context the issue occurs
referencestr or nullDepend on the Context, a reference to another Model


uuidstrA generated uuid as suggestion ID
typestrType of the suggestion
contextstrIn which context the suggestion occurs
referencestr or nullDepend on the Context, a reference to another Model
autoboolTrue if the suggested fix will be auto-applied


slugstrA generated slug for the check
enableboolThe enabled state of the check


namestringName of the device object
sysfsstringPath to sysfs device object
dev_pathstringPath to devfs
subsystemstring or nullSubsystem type of the device (tty, input, sound, block, misc)
parentstring or nullPath to the parent sysfs device object
by_idstring or nullUdev by ID link
attributesdictA dict with pure udev device attributes for debug and understanding
childrenlistA list of path to the children sysfs devices


namestringName of the disk device
vendorstringVendor of the disk device
modelstringModel of the disk device
serialstringSerial number of the disk device
sizeintSize of disk in bytes
idstringUnique ID for the disk device (either UDisks2 drive ID or device path)
dev_pathstringDevice path for the disk device


namestringName of the mountboth
typestringType of the mount (cifs or nfs)both
usagestringUsage of the mount (backup, media, or share)both
serverstringIP address or hostname of the network share serverboth
portintPort to use (if not using the standard one for the mount type)both
read_onlyboolMount is read-only (not available for backup mounts)both
pathstring(nfs mounts only) Path to mount from the network shareboth
sharestring(cifs mounts only) Share to mount from the network shareboth
usernamestring(cifs mounts only) Username to use for authenticationrequest only
passwordstring(cifs mounts only) Password to use for authenticationrequest only
statestringCurrent state of the mount (active, failed, etc.)response only

Request only fields may be included in requests but will never be in responses. Response only fields will be in responses but cannot be included in requests.


namestringName of the job
referencestringA unique ID for instance the job is acting on (if applicable)
uuidstringUnique ID of the job
progressintProgress of the job (if accurate progress is obtainable)
stagestringA name for the stage the job is in (if applicable)
donebooleanIs the job complete
child_jobslistA list of child jobs started by this one
errorslistA list of errors that occurred during execution

Job error

typestringType of error that occurred
messagestringHuman-readable description of what went wrong

Boot slot

statestringActive or inactive (active slot is in use)
statusstringStatus of the last boot from slot (good or bad)
versionstringVersion of OS installed


usernamestringUsername used to login
namestringName of the user
is_ownerbooleanIs the user the owner
is_activebooleanIs the user active
local_onlybooleanCan the user login from the network (e.g. via http)
group_idslistRole(s) the user has (admin, etc)


vendorstringDrive vendor
modelstringDrive model
serialstringDrive serial number
idstringUnique and persistent id for drive
sizeintSize of the drive in bytes
time_detecteddatetimeTime drive was detected by system
connection_busstringPhysical connection bus of the drive (USB, etc.)
seatstringIdentifier of seat drive is plugged into
removablebooleanIs the drive removable by the user?
ejectablebooleanIs the drive ejectable by the system?
filesystemslistA list of filesystem partitions on the drive


devicestringSpecial device file for the filesystem (e.g. /dev/sda1)
idstringUnique and persistent id for filesystem
sizeintSize of the filesystem in bytes
namestringName of the filesystem (if known)
systembooleantrue if filesystem considered a system/internal device
mount_pointslistList of paths where the filesystem is mounted.