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Adding state card

The main interface of Home Assistant is a list of the current entities and their states. For each entity in the system, a state card will be rendered. State cards will show an icon, the name of the entity, when the state has last changed and the current state or a control to interact with it.

Cards in the frontend

The different card types can be found here.

Sensors, when not grouped, are shown as so-called badges on top of the state cards.

Badges in the frontend

The different badges are located in the file /src/components/entity/ha-state-label-badge.ts.

Adding a custom card type can be done with a few simple steps. For this example we will add a new state card for the domain camera:

  1. Add 'camera' to the array DOMAINS_WITH_CARD in the file /common/const.ts.
  2. Create the files state-card-camera.ts in the folder /state-summary/.
  3. Add import './state-card-camera.ts'; to state-card-content.ts.