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Home Assistant Supervisor

The Supervisor allows the user to manage their Home Assistant installation from Home Assistant. The Supervisor has the following responsibilities:

  • Run Home Assistant Core
  • Update Home Assistant Core. Automatically roll back if the update fails.
  • Make and restore backups
  • Add-ons
  • Unified audio system
  • Update the Home Assistant operating system (disabled in a Supervised installation)


Architecture Overview of Home Assistant
  • Home Assistant Core: home automation platform
  • Add-ons: extra applications that the user wants to run on their server
  • DNS: allows core and add-ons to communicate among one another
  • Audio: allows core and add-ons to play audio
  • mDNS: help discover and connect to devices and services in the network
  • Supervisor: manages all parts of the system and keeps it up to date
  • Docker: container service to run applications.
  • Operating System: Linux based operating system
  • D-Bus: communication system to control parts of the operating system like the network manager