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Debugging the Home Assistant Supervisor

The following debug tips and tricks are for developers who are running the Home Assistant image and are working on the base image. If you use the generic Linux installer script, you should be able to access your host and logs as per your host.

Debug Supervisor#

Below you will find an example Visual Studio Code configuration to attach a Python debugger to the Home Assistant Supervisor. This configuration is intended as the default by Run> Start Debugging or pressing F5. You will need to change "IP" to match your Supervisor's IP within the Docker environment. This can be detected from within Docker by running the command ip addr.


{    "version": "0.2.0",    "configurations": [        {            "name": "Supervisor remote debug",            "type": "python",            "request": "attach",            "port": 33333,            "host": "IP",            "pathMappings": [                {                    "localRoot": "${workspaceFolder}",                    "remoteRoot": "/usr/src/hassio"                }            ]        }    ]}