Develop Supervisor integration in Core & Frontend

These instructions are for setting up Home Assistant Core to interact with a development or remote supervisor. This allows you to develop the hassio integration and the Supervisor frontend with a real/development Supervisor instance.

For this guide, we're going to assume that you have a Home Assistant Core development environment set up.

Supervisor API Access

To develop for the frontend, we're going to need API access to the supervisor. This API is protected by a token that we can extract using a special add-on.

The add-on needs to keep running to allow Home Assistant Core to connect.

The Remote API proxy token has slightly less privileges than Home Assistant Core has in production. To get the actual token with full privileges, you need to SSH into the host system and run:

docker inspect homeassistant | grep HASSIO_TOKEN

Note that either token can change after a reboot or update of OS/container.

Setting up Home Assistant Core

To configure Home Assistant Core to connect to a remote supervisor, set the following environment variables when starting Home Assistant:

  • HASSIO: Set to the IP of the machine running Home Assnstaint and port 80 (the API proxy add-on)
  • HASSIO_TOKEN: Set this to the token that you exracted in the previous step
HASSIO= HASSIO_TOKEN=abcdefghj1234 hass

Voila. Your local Home Assistant installation will now connect to a remote instance.

Frontend development

To do frontend development you need to have a Home Assistant frontend development environment set up.

Update the component configuration in your configuration.yaml to point at the frontend repository:

# configuration.yaml
# Example path. Change it to where you have checked out the frontend repository
development_repo: /home/paulus/dev/hass/frontend

To build a local version of the Supervisor panel, go to the frontend repository and run:

cd hassio

Now start Home Assistant as discussed in the previous section and it will now connect to the remote Supervisor but load the frontend from your local development environment.

While script/develop is running, the Supervisor panel will be rebuilt whenever you make changes to the source files.

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