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New features for developers in 2022.4

· 2 min read

There are a handful of new features for developers in 2022.4.

  • Integration Type: Integrations can now mark themselves as helper.
  • Backup platform: Integrations can now pause work during a backup by implementing the new backup platform.
  • hidden_by in entity registry: Entities can now be hidden via the entity registry. These entities should default to not be included when exposing entities to an external UI like voice assistants.
  • New and updated selectors: We added a bunch of new selectors to be used in blueprints, services.yaml, and config flows.
  • Selectors in backend flows: You can now use the selector helper in your config flows. It is configured and renders just like selectors in services.yaml/blueprints.
  • ha-form context: Context is a new way to allow selectors to be dynamically configured based on values from other fields. Currently only available for the attribute selector.
  • config flow helper text for fields: Config flow fields can now have a description.
  • Schema Config Flow helper: New helper to create config flows based on a config schema. Example implementation
  • Show Menu step: This new step in a data entry flow shows a menu to the user.
  • Fan speed: We introduced a new format and this transition is now completed.
  • Device State Attributes: Backwards compatibility support for this property has been removed after being deprecated since Home Assistant 2021.4. Use extra_state_attributes instead.
  • Cameras without width/height: The compatbility layer for cameras without width/height has been removed.
  • Calendar offset: Calendar method signatures for calculate_offset and is_offset_reached have changed, in preparation for typing improvements in Calendar, and potential simplification of offsets more generally.