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Handling time zones without blocking the event loop

· One min read

Constructing ZoneInfo objects may do blocking I/O to load the zone info from disk if the timezone passed is not in the cache.

dt_util.async_get_time_zone is now available to replace dt_util.get_time_zone to fetch a time zone in the event loop which is async safe and will not do blocking I/O in the event loop.

hass.config.set_time_zone is deprecated and replaced with hass.config.async_set_time_zone. hass.config.set_time_zone will be removed in 2025.6. Setting the time zone only affects tests, as no integration should be calling this function in production.

Examining dt_util.DEFAULT_TIME_ZONE directly is deprecated and dt_util.get_default_time_zone() should be used instead.

If your integration needs to construct ZoneInfo objects in the event loop, it is recommended to use the aiozoneinfo library.