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Entity Registry and disabling entities

The entity registry tracks all entities with unique IDs. For each entity, the registry keeps track of options that impact how the entity interacts with the core. One of these options is disabled_by.

When disabled_by is set and not None, the entity will not be added to Home Assistant when the integration passes it to async_add_entities.

Integration Architecture

Integrations will need to make sure that they work correctly when their entities get disabled. If your integration is keeping references to the created entity objects, it should register those references only inside the entity's lifecycle method async_added_to_hass. This lifecycle method is only called if the entity is actually added to Home Assistant (and so it's not disabled).

Entity disabling works with entities provided via a config entry or via an entry in configuration.yaml. If your integration is set up via a config entry and supports unloading, Home Assistant will be able to reload your integration after entities have been enabled/disabled to apply the changes without a restart.

Users editing the entity registry

One way an entity can be disabled is by the user editing the entity registry via the UI. In this case, the disabled_by value will be set to RegistryEntryDisabler.USER. This will only work with entities that are already registered.

Integrations setting default value of disabled_by for new entity registry entries

As an integration you can control if your entity is enabled when it is first registered. This is controlled by the entity_registry_enabled_default property. It defaults to True, which means the entity will be enabled.

If the property returns False, the disabled_by value of the newly registered entity will be set to RegistryEntryDisabler.INTEGRATION.

Config entry system options setting default value of disabled_by for new entity registry entries

The user can also control how new entities that are related to a config entry are received by setting the system option disable_new_entities of a config entry to True. This can be done via the UI.

If an entity is getting registered and this system option is set to True, the disabled_by property will be initialized as RegistryEntryDisabler.CONFIG_ENTRY.

If disable_new_entities is set to True and entity_registry_enabled_default returns False, the disabled_by value will be set to RegistryEntryDisabler.INTEGRATION.

Integrations offering options to control disabled_by

Some integrations will want to offer options to the user to control which entities are being added to Home Assistant. For example, the Unifi integration offers options to enable/disable wireless and wired clients.

Integrations can offer options to users either via configuration.yaml or using an Options Flow.

If this option is offered by integrations, you should not leverage the disabled_by property in the entity registry. Instead, if entities are disabled via a config options flow, remove them from the device and entity registry.