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Air Quality Entity



The Air Quality entity is deprecated and should not be used. Instead, use separate sensors for these measurements.

Integrations that still rely on the Air Quality Entity should be migrated.


The Air Quality entity does not support attribute shorthand for property implementation

particulate_matter_2_5floatRequiredThe particulate matter 2.5 (<= 2.5 μm) level.
particulate_matter_10floatRequiredThe particulate matter 10 (<= 10 μm) level.
particulate_matter_0_1floatNoneThe particulate matter 0.1 (<= 0.1 μm) level.
air_quality_indexfloatNoneThe Air Quality Index (AQI).
ozonefloatNoneThe O3 (ozone) level.
carbon_monoxidefloatNoneThe CO (carbon monoxide) level.
carbon_dioxidefloatNoneThe CO2 (carbon dioxide) level.
sulphur_dioxidefloatNoneThe SO2 (sulphur dioxide) level.
nitrogen_oxidefloatNoneThe N2O (nitrogen oxide) level.
nitrogen_monoxidefloatNoneThe NO (nitrogen monoxide) level.
nitrogen_dioxidefloatNoneThe NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) level.
volatile_organic_compoundsfloatNoneThe volatile organic compounds (VOC) level.

Properties have to follow the units defined in the unit_system.