Air Quality Entity



Properties should always only return information from memory and not do I/O (like network requests). Implement update() or async_update() to fetch data.

particulate_matter_2_5floatRequiredThe particulate matter 2.5 (<= 2.5 μm) level.
particulate_matter_10floatRequiredThe particulate matter 10 (<= 10 μm) level.
particulate_matter_0_1floatNoneThe particulate matter 0.1 (<= 0.1 μm) level.
air_quality_indexfloatNoneThe Air Quality Index (AQI).
ozonefloatNoneThe O3 (ozone) level.
carbon_monoxidefloatNoneThe CO (carbon monoxide) level.
carbon_dioxidefloatNoneThe CO2 (carbon dioxide) level.
sulphur_dioxidefloatNoneThe SO2 (sulphur dioxide) level.
nitrogen_oxidefloatNoneThe N2O (nitrogen oxide) level.
nitrogen_monoxidefloatNoneThe NO (nitrogen monoxide) level.
nitrogen_dioxidefloatNoneThe NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) level.
volatile_organic_compoundsfloatNoneThe volatile organic compounds (VOC) level.

Properties have to follow the units defined in the unit_system.

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