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Conversation entity

A conversation entity allows users to converse with Home Assistant.

A conversation entity is derived from the homeassistant.components.conversation.ConversationEntity.



Properties should always only return information from memory and not do I/O (like network requests).

supported_languageslist[str] | Literal["*"]RequiredThe supported languages of the service. Return "*" if you support all.

Supported features

Supported features are defined by using values in the ConversationEntityFeature enum and are combined using the bitwise or (|) operator.

CONTROLThe entity is able to control Home Assistant.



This method is used to process an incoming chat message.

class MyConversationEntity(ConversationEntity):
"""Represent a conversation entity."""

async def async_process(self, user_input: ConversationInput) -> ConversationResult:
"""Process a sentence."""
response = intent.IntentResponse(language=user_input.language)
response.async_set_speech("Test response")
return agent.ConversationResult(

A ConversationInput object contains the following data:

textstrUser input
contextContextHA context to attach to actions in HA
conversation_idOptional[str]Can be used to track a multi-turn conversation. Return None if not supported
languagestrLanguage of the text. If user did not provide one, it's set to the HA configured language.


As soon as Home Assistant knows a request is coming in, we will let the conversation entity prepare for it. This can be used to load a language model or other resources. This function is optional to implement.

class MyConversationEntity(ConversationEntity):
"""Represent a conversation entity."""

async def async_prepare(self, language: str | None = None) -> None:
"""Prepare a language for processing."""