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Scene Entity

A scene entity is an entity that can reproduce a wanted state for a group of entities. A scene entity can activate the scene towards a group of devices but remains stateless from the Home Assistant perspective.

A scene entity is derived from homeassistant.components.scene.Scene.

If you want to represent something that can be turned on and off (and thus have an actual state), you should use a switch entity instead.

Scene entities can also be created by the user via the Scene editor or YAML.


As this integration is stateless, it doesn't provide any specific properties for itself. Other properties that are common to all entities such as icon and name etc are still applicable.



Activate the scene.

class MySwitch(Scene):
# Implement one of these methods.

def activate(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None:
"""Activate scene. Try to get entities into requested state."""

async def async_activate(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None:
"""Activate scene. Try to get entities into requested state."""

The activate method can be used to activate the scene towards a device or service. It is called by Home Assistant when the user presses the scene activate button or when the scene.turn_on service is called to activate the scene.

Available device classes

There are no specific device classes. The device_class attribute is not set on the scene entity.