Vacuum Entity



Properties should always only return information from memory and not do I/O (like network requests). Implement update() or async_update() to fetch data.

namestringRequiredName of the device.
statestringRequiredOne of the states listed in the states section.
battery_levelintnoneCurrent battery level.
battery_iconstringfunctionBattery icon to show in UI.
cleaning_modestringnoneThe current cleaning mode.
cleaning_mode_listlistNotImplementedError()List of available fan speeds and cleaning modes.
errorstringRequired with STATE_ERRORAn error message if the vacuum is in STATE_ERROR.


STATE_CLEANINGThe vacuum is currently cleaning.
STATE_DOCKEDThe vacuum is currently docked, it is assumed that docked can also mean charging.
STATE_PAUSEDThe vacuum was cleaning but was paused without returning to the dock.
STATE_IDLEThe vacuum is not paused, not docked and does not have any errors.
STATE_RETURNINGThe vacuum is done cleaning and is currently returning to the dock, but not yet docked.
STATE_ERRORThe vacuum encountered an error while cleaning, the error can be specified as a property on the entity.


turn_on or async_turn_on

Turn the vacuum on and start cleaning.

turn_off or async_turn_off

Turn the vacuum off stopping the cleaning and returning home.

return_to_base or async_return_to_base

Set the vacuum cleaner to return to the dock.

stop or async_stop

Stop the vacuum cleaner, do not return to base.

clean_spot or async_clean_spot

Perform a spot clean-up.

locate or async_locate

Locate the vacuum cleaner.

set_cleaning_mode or async_set_cleaning_mode

Set the cleaning mode.

send_command or async_send_command

Send a command to a vacuum cleaner.

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