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Vacuum Entity

Derive entity platforms from homeassistant.components.vacuum.StateVacuumEntity



Properties should always only return information from memory and not do I/O (like network requests). Implement update() or async_update() to fetch data.


VacuumEntity is deprecated and will be removed in future releases. Please use or migrate to the StateVacuumEntity

namestringRequiredName of the device.
statestringRequiredOne of the states listed in the states section.
battery_levelintnoneCurrent battery level.
battery_iconstringfunctionBattery icon to show in UI.
fan_speedstringnoneThe current fan speed.
fan_speed_listlistNotImplementedError()List of available fan speeds.
errorstringRequired with STATE_ERRORAn error message if the vacuum is in STATE_ERROR.


STATE_CLEANINGThe vacuum is currently cleaning.
STATE_DOCKEDThe vacuum is currently docked, it is assumed that docked can also mean charging.
STATE_PAUSEDThe vacuum was cleaning but was paused without returning to the dock.
STATE_IDLEThe vacuum is not paused, not docked and does not have any errors.
STATE_RETURNINGThe vacuum is done cleaning and is currently returning to the dock, but not yet docked.
STATE_ERRORThe vacuum encountered an error while cleaning, the error can be specified as a property on the entity.

Supported Features

Supported features are defined by using values in the VacuumEntityFeature enum and are combined using the bitwise or (|) operator.

TURN_ONThe vacuum turns on.
TURN_OFFThe vacuum turns off.
PAUSEPause the vacuum.
STOPStop the vacuum and return to the dock.
RETURN_HOMEReturn to the dock.
FAN_SPEEDThe vacuum supports setting fan speed.
BATTERYThe vacuum supports retrieving battery status.
SEND_COMMANDThe vacuum supports sending a command to the vacuum.
LOCATEThe vacuum supports locating.
CLEAN_SPOTThe vacuum supports spot cleaning.
MAPThe vacuum supports retrieving its map.
STATEThe vacuum supports returning it state.
STATUSThe vacuum supports returning it status.
STARTThe vacuum supports the start command.


turn_on or async_turn_on

Turn the vacuum on and start cleaning.

turn_off or async_turn_off

Turn the vacuum off stopping the cleaning and returning home.

return_to_base or async_return_to_base

Set the vacuum cleaner to return to the dock.

stop or async_stop

Stop the vacuum cleaner, do not return to base.

clean_spot or async_clean_spot

Perform a spot clean-up.

locate or async_locate

Locate the vacuum cleaner.

set_fan_speed or async_set_fan_speed

Set the fan speed.

send_command or async_send_command

Send a command to a vacuum cleaner.