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Water Heater Entity

Derive entity platforms from homeassistant.components.water_heater.WaterHeaterEntity



Properties should always only return information from memory and not do I/O (like network requests). Implement update() or async_update() to fetch data.

min_tempfloat110°FThe minimum temperature that can be set.
max_tempfloat140°FThe maximum temperature that can be set.
current_temperaturefloatNoneThe current temperature.
target_temperaturefloatNoneThe temperature we are trying to reach.
target_temperature_highfloatNoneUpper bound of the temperature we are trying to reach.
target_temperature_lowfloatNoneLower bound of the temperature we are trying to reach.
temperature_unitstrNotImplementedErrorOne of TEMP_CELSIUS, TEMP_FAHRENHEIT, or TEMP_KELVIN.
current_operationstringNoneThe current operation mode.
operation_listList[str]NoneList of possible operation modes.
supported_featuresList[str]NotImplementedErrorList of supported features.
is_away_mode_onboolNoneThe current status of away mode.

The allowed operation modes are the states specified in the base component and implementations of the water_heater component cannot differ.

Properties have to follow the units defined in the temperature_unit.


STATE_ECOEnergy efficient mode, provides energy savings and fast heating.
STATE_ELECTRICElectric only mode, uses the most energy.
STATE_PERFORMANCEHigh performance mode.
STATE_HIGH_DEMANDMeet high demands when water heater is undersized.
STATE_HEAT_PUMPSlowest to heat, but uses less energy.
STATE_GASGas only mode, uses the most energy.
STATE_OFFThe water heater is off.

Supported Features

Supported features are defined by using values in the WaterHeaterEntityFeature enum and are combined using the bitwise or (|) operator.

TARGET_TEMPERATURETemperature can be set
OPERATION_MODEOperation mode can be set
AWAY_MODEAway mode can be set


set_temperature or async_set_temperature

Sets the temperature the water heater should heat water to.

set_operation_modeor async_set_operation_mode

Sets the operation mode of the water heater. Must be in the operation_list.

turn_away_mode_on or async_turn_away_mode_on

Set the water heater to away mode.

turn_away_mode_off or async_turn_away_mode_off

Set the water heater back to the previous operation mode. Turn off away mode.

turn_on or async_turn_on

Turns the water heater on.

turn_off or async_turn_off

Turns the water heater off.