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Integration platforms

Home Assistant has various built-in integrations that abstract device types. There are lights, switches, covers, climate devices, and many more. Your integration can hook into these integrations by creating a platform. You will need a platform for each integration that you are integrating with.

To create a platform, you will need to create a file with the domain name of the integration that you are building a platform for. So if you are building a light, you will add a new file to your integration folder.

We have created two example integrations that should give you a look at how this works:

Interfacing with devices

One Home Assistant rule is that the integration should never interface directly with devices. Instead, it should interact with a third-party Python 3 library. This way, Home Assistant can share code with the Python community and keep the project maintainable.

Once you have your Python library ready and published to PyPI, add it to the manifest. It will now be time to implement the Entity base class that is provided by the integration that you are creating a platform for.

Find your integration at the entity index to see what methods and properties are available to implement.